Sunday, August 17, 2008


The lovely David Sedaris makes drawings. Will someone publish a book of them?

"Recently, instead of signing my name, I’ve been drawing little things in people’s books. You know, just little mementos. Like, I’ve been drawing these old-timey signs and on them I write “Abortions: three dollars.” And I just think I’m hilarious. Sometimes I’ll draw a little knot in the sign to make it look even more quaint. I don’t know why that makes me so happy. This woman, she introduced herself by saying she was very liberal, but she just didn’t want the abortion sign in the front jacket of her new book. So, I asked her, ‘what if I changed it to thirteen dollars [for an abortion]?’ Again, I have no idea why that makes me so happy. I used to draw Abe Lincoln with a bubble coming out of his mouth that says “friendship is a cancer” or an owl saying “I like black people.” This is what happens when you’ve been signing books for nine hours." - interview with The Stranger (which, despite this neat interview, The Seattle P-I is superior to)

This is very relevant to the idea and genesis of this blog because on the drive from Omaha to Minneapolis Abby and I were listening to David -- and the comic I'm making about that journey showed that, but then I replaced him with Laurie (Anderson).

I still love you, though, David.

You will marry me, won't you? I like you better than real people in my real life.


Midnight Society said...

You guys listened to to "When You Are Engulfed in Flames" in the car too? On my car trips recently I've listened to "Me Talk Pretty One Day" and "Engulfed in Flames."

I got to see him in Seattle but I didn't get anything signed. He drew a pumpkin in Abby's and my book when we saw him in Omaha.

Ed Moorman said...

oh it wasn't the new one -- it was Me Talk Pretty. I'd like to read the new one... I love the cover art and the title.
I'm gonna listen to the rest of the book when I ink my comic. (Sarah Vowell's book too.) can you bring the CDs of When You Are Engulfed when you come down?