Tuesday, August 19, 2008

from the night of O!NO,MN's conception

this is an excerpt of a poem-sketch called "I Do Everything With Lesbians" or "Omaha Night Polaroids" from July 3rd, about the night before.

They all work at organic food stores.
They are home-grown, wooden-house, plaid-and-bandana-wearing girls.

They play with big, scrappy, brown or black dogs with pointy ears whose tails whap half-drunk beers.

The Becks takes Mishka in her hands and advises us (while saying that she doesn't like to give advice) to "Always pet your dog's feet.

"Your vet will thank you, and he will know you really love animals."

She is putting little midnight-blue rubber booties on big, black, quiet Mishka.

Leslie and I are keeling over at the sight of it.

Mishka is a real Buddha. We are meeting Siddhartha and it tickles us.

I thought it might become a comic. It laid groundwork. The comic became "Polaroids" for Good Minnesotan (which Abby will also appear in), which is half about Abby and I driving back from Omaha on the 3rd and talking and playing Laurie Anderson, and half about watching the fireworks from the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis with my friend Lauren.
I'll put the comic up as soon as it's done, by the end of the month.

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