Friday, July 25, 2008


This is a picture I found under a sunken ship from about 3,000 years ago. I believe it was Phoenician in origin. Apparently this practice of fishy-massages is not as avant garde as one might imagine.
In prechristian times, the large beast Fladapoli was a fish-like creature who owned a big bowl-spa. He would invite the teeny weeny humans to partake in what they saw as a battle to kill a hefty meal, while its grandness, the undying Fladopoli, found it to be quite pleasing as a ritual removal of dying and increasing scales. The scale of the human, allowed for the scale of the beasty to live in what one might refer to as a mutual relationship, if not an unintentionally harmonius one.

This is my piece of historic evidence I was able to unearth in my research. Where there any parrallels drawn by the onominnow conglomerate?


abigail said...

i think that fish is doing very brave things. i am worried, though, about the man holding a a butcher's knife up to the fish. why would he do such a thing to such a loving creature? my submission is coming soon, coming soon. also, james, do you know anything about plumbing or electricity? if so, my mom wants to hire you as her handyman. call me, your phone wasn't ringing. also, do you think you could build a house? let me know....

Midnight Society said...

Yes. We definitely need help building our house.

The fish is just getting groomed with the knife. Loosening up some gunk under his scales.