Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nate Denver makes me feel good about myself

Be sure to check my blog later this week to read my Sak Sally and Nate Denver story. Now, for the goods. This is another Superman that Bob drew me to put on my desk at work:

Next is a Superman that I did for Bob for his birthday present:

So, one might be wondering why Nate Denver made me feel better about myself. Well, you might not know it from looking at my picture, but I actually did look at a picture of Superman to draw that. Well, as it turns out, Nate Denver, an artist I respect, buys books on elephants, and looks at photos of them all the time, and draws dozens of them every day, but I wouldn't necessarily call them "photo realistic."


Ed Moorman said...

you're both growing at lightspeeds!!

abigail said...

snuggle tummy. i FUCKING LOVE your superman. that face? OH my god. love.

Ed Moorman said...

it's perfect that you drew him on newspaper, since he started out on newsprint, and also it's his day job.