Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Make em laugh, make em laugh, don't you know all the world wants to laugh

So, I was thinking, "Batman" has suprised us all, being a movie that everyone on this blog appreciated more that we all thought.

Well, I was on Entertainment Weekly's website this morning (as part of my job) and I saw this. I was thinking we could all do some sort of clown-type post. ou could even do something on the Joker, who isn't a clown, necissarily, but you get my point.


james said...

i like the idea of a "Clown Town" with cut out clowns and mini houses, much too small to fit fifty clowns in, we could all draw and send them to a volunteer onominnow to make into a sculpture/architecture model. Ideas?

abigail said...

did you see that Bobcat Goldthwait was one of the clowns?????? everything comes together.