Thursday, August 7, 2008

I was thinking about houses

I was thinking about houses, and my brain matter arrived at the house of the lord. We all know that some people see only brick buildings with sandstone frosting as the houses of the lord, so I suppose he must have a house for every day of the year and then some. But how does he protect his houses? Does he have a super cosmic alarm system, or a barking walrus with a gold chain? I think not, God protects itself, with a padlock and a chainlink fence.

p.s. I am considering the mass production of bumper stickers to be placed on all the mercedes and BMW's of the world, along with the jalopies, any thoughts?


abigail said...

james i need to know how much you know/could know about house building, plumbing, electricity, putting things together so they wont crumble, etc.

abigail said...

youre a genius. what sort of bumper stickers??