Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Preface: I was in danger of coming down with the Jake walk as a nineteen year old when I lifted five million pounds, and i only weighed four. So I am well well versed on the fear and pain associated with it, however, that will never deter me from chronically binging on TOCP. Moving on, I have not yet uploaded the miges (short for internet-quality-reduced i"mages" prounounced "meyeyeyeyeyeyeygas") however, I have been brainstorming for the drawage, and the productions following ONOMINNOW BEGINNOW will follow shortly. Much love.
p.s. Im still looking for Robin Thicke, I'm gonna make that doodoo a newdoo>"


Midnight Society said...

abby, i read that in my head as if you were saying it in the kitchen, trying to get the whole family to admit that you're funny.

ps. I am almost done with my jake walk thing, it just needs to simmer for a day or two.

abigail said...

james, you're dangerous. molly, james wrote that, not me. so you can save your sweet sarcasm for somebody else. p.s. i am hilarious.